Certified Organic AllyEster™ (Ethyl Palmate)

“Ethyl Palmate”:  INCI Assigned Name, INCI #4-4-2008-9061
“Ethyl Palmate, mixture”: CAS #130885-17-5
“Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters Organic”
Use Level:  1-20%


AllyEster™ is extremely versatile.  Due to its formulary effects and broad characteristics, it can replace a multitude of ingredients that are often more expensive.

Emollient: A high quality, elegant moisturizer; fine silky feel on skin.

Excellent Formula Effects:  Easily incorporated into formulas: creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, moisturizers, lip sticks, lip balms, foundations and sun care products. Liquid at ambient temperatures (25?).

Shine: Imparts a lustrous shine to hair in conditioners, lips in lipstick and lip balm at low levels.

Excellent Substantivity/Absorbency into the skin, greatly enhancing the character of other formula ingredients throughout the Stratum Corneum.  Excellent compatibility with formulary ingredients.

This material is absorbed rapidly into the skin and leaves the skin silky, dry, soft and flexible.  AllyEster™ provides a reservoir of active materials kept in intimate contact with skin for long periods of time.

Non-Aggressive Diluent/Solvent for oil phase esters, natural and synthetic oils and petrolatum waxes.  Reduces or eliminates tackiness


Ethyl Laurate

0.01 – 1.00%

Ethyl Myristate

0.10 – 3.0%

Ethyl Palmitate

35.0 – 80.0%

Ethyl Linoleate

3.50 – 11.0%

Ethyl Oleate

25.0 – 50.0%

Ethyl Stearate

0.50 – 5.0%

*Results subject to change



AllyEster™ can be used as a unique emollient. Many tactile modifiers can be used to match any desired tactile experience, both in the liquid form and the applied form. For example, Certified Organic Oil (i.e. C.O. Coconut Oil AE) can be dissolved or dispersed in the AllyEster™.


To change the tactile nature of the AllyEster™ on the skin, a gelling agent can produce various tactile effects miming SILICONES, as well as having the anhydrous character. Allyson Enterprises, Inc. offers a unique gelling agent. AE gelling agent 51 is not Certified Organic, but when used at 4.9% or less in a formula, the formula can still qualify as Organic.  

The gelling agent is used by dispersing the gelling agent in AE AllyEster™, and slowly raising the temperature to 50°-70°C.  When the liquid is clear, mix for an additional 10 minutes at steady temperature, then remove mixer and allow cooling without stirring.   It’s possible to experiment with various additions in the AllyEster™ prior to gelling to achieve an anhydrous delivery system or final product.


  1. Dissolve oil soluble actives, sunscreens and butters in AllyEster™ (AE).  Heat to 50 oC if needed to achieve a uniform smooth liquid.  (Phase A)
  2. Add an equate weight of CERTIFIED ORGANIC SOY LECITHIN (AE) to Phase A.  Mix until all the Lecithin is dissolved, while heating to 50 oC (Phase B)
  3. Add water soluble active ingredients to water Phase (B) with adequate mixing.
  4. Heat water phase to 50 oC
  5. Add Phase A at 50 oC slowly to Phase B under high shear.  Mix under high shear until uniformly smooth. 
  6. Add CERTIFIED ORGANIC GLYCERIN (1-2%) (AE), begin cool down.
  7. Add 2% of a 50% solution of Certified Organic Preservative BIOSECUR 160 (AE) at or below 40 0C. 

Note Bene;

  • Generally use 1% (0.5-2.0% Biosecur, based on biological challenge). 1% neat used as 2% at 50% is adequate, but each formula is unique and must be tested for appropriate level.
  • Other ingredients and equipment variations may require the addition of an organic thickener at a very low (0.1-0.5%) level.

D.  AllyEster™  is 100% plant derived and therefore has a naturally occurring faint floral odor at ambient temperature. The level is proportional to the temperature, and restoration to ambient temperature removes the floral odor.  Allyson Enterprises, Inc. can supply and recommend fragrances which neutralize the odor during the heating process without affecting the final formulation.

Note Bene;

  • Certified Organic preservative BIOSECUR 160 is Certified Organic, NOP, EEC, water soluble, GRAS and edible.
  • There are no grapefruit fractions or parabens in this product. 


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